Thursday, 15 December 2011

A video tour of my farm; A 5 part series

This is a 5 part series video of my farm in Karatina Nyeri. You will get to see; The dogs, Goats, Cows, Calves, Geese as well as the foodcrops; Bananas, napier grass, beans, maize and fruit trees.

 I also take you through how I use the manure generated from the cows into the farm.

 Join me as I take you on a tour of  my farm.

  Part 1 - Meet Kamwenji

  Part 2 - The Dairy Cows

Part 3 - Using Organic Manure

 Part 4 - Rearing a Bull and Geese 

 Part 5(The final part)- Meet Elsie

Camera footage and interview by Njeri Wangari
Interruptions during filming by Tornee :-)

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