Why Farming?

My main problem is financial capabilities to both expand my production and also reach out to my colleagues so that we work as a unit. Though I have the knowhow and the required minimum labor, some setbacks have really held me back since they have proven to be financially strenuous. Should I get the assistance then without a doubt, I would change a lot both in my own farming, the local farmers and on people’s attitude towards farmers. Eventually it would be great to have a lee way against the boards that deal with farm produce. They make lucrative profits yet they play a very small role in the major chain of production. This does require quite a bit of financial support to ensure that once started, its pushed till the effect is felt.


  1. Hi Mr. Kamwenji i have gone through most of your posts and i'm really impressed about the ventures you have undertaken and the solutions you take.
    i would request you to please have the prices or guide prices of acquiring and selling the farm inputs e.g. the dogs, cows, sale of milk e.t.c. otherwise continue blogging and inform us

  2. Thanks Kevin for the props! I'll be doing a review of the progress on the farming activities soon. Maybe the I can tackle the farm inputs and pricing issues that you have expressed here.
    Keep checking us up!