A blogging Farmer

I started my blog not so long ago, mostly as a therapeutic way of ‘telling someone’ about my challenges, joys, disappointments, mistakes and progress. Many of my friends ask me why I choose farming yet there are many other appealing professions out there. I love farming. I desire self reliance especially when it comes to food and most of all following my calling. I find more fulfillment tending to my livestock or crops even with its many setbacks than many of my friends do seated behind desks in offices.

My blog is to not only to record my journeys as a farmer but also to serve as an encouragement to the many jobless youth in Kenya of whom many if not most have migrated and many more still migrate to the capital cities in search of white or blue collar jobs leaving their family farms with no one to till.

The price of food commodities in Kenya has shot up in the last few years mostly due to this. There are fewer farmers now than there were 10 years ago. The new generation does not want to get its hands dirty in the literal sense. This is a misguided believe that I seek to shutter by making it as a young farmer.

My Blog does not give a daily account of my activities in the farm as most are redundant. Rather it gives highlights of the ups, the downs, the learning points and setbacks in a summarized form.
It’s quite hard finding time to even update my blog on a weekly basis leave alone daily thus I just jot down a few notes in the evenings and come up with a more holistic post afterwards. As I do not yet have a farm help to assist in the many chores, I am usually dead tired come most evenings.

But as I said, I love what I do and I believe I will get through the many challenges that I am facing now venturing where most have not.

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