About Me

 E.K  is an upcoming agriculturalist born 32 years ago in the central parts of Kenya in a small administrative town of Nyeri. I started my education at 5 years, thereafter joining primary and secondary institutions to further my education. Upon completion, I was admitted to university for my undergraduate studies.

It is here that I studied horticulture. Thus I am a farmer by profession. The undergraduate course took 4 years and after graduating I ventured into job hunting. Initially, I was employed in a small farm. I was in charge of production but after 14 months, I quit due to low pay which was irrespective of performance as per the agreement.

During this period I was searching for another better paying job but I found myself working in areas that are not related to horticulture. These included sales at an auto shop and programming at an IT company. It was an eye opener as I realized that farmers are generally looked down upon especially the small scale ones.

I also got to know that it was important to incorporate other concepts of business into agriculture to transform it, to bring it to per with the current state of things i.e. use of latest form of technology in order to improve on not just the farming techniques but also on the networking and marketing of farm producers and produce. After 2 years of being unemployed, I got lucky and was employed in another farm.

Initially the work was generally well flowing but later as it happens even in corporate, there was an attempt to reshuffle (in a bid to have staff being all rounded in their business knowledge). This proved an obstacle as I was posted to a section where there was use of fungicides and pesticides.

Due to my allergy to chemicals, I could not work there. I was however viewed as in-subordinate by my employer and thus I lost my job in less than 10 months. Since there were other farms in the area, I did get part time jobs that helped me get by.

Eventually, I realized that I needed to be part of the solution to small scale farmers. I started my own production. I did some research and tried out crop production. I also began to inform farmers on the way forward albeit most even to date are oblivious to change.

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