Thursday, 24 November 2011

My Quest to get Pedigree Dogs

Though the dog project 'Stalled', laying of the groundwork with regards to networking is still ongoing.
After inquiring from the kennel club, I obtained the necessary guidelines that are required in order for a breeder to have pure bred pedigree dogs. After all is said and done, the financial bit mostly proves to be a hindrance.

From negotiating as a member, to acquiring puppies, the money required is not for just  anyone and since the project involves dealing with live animals, credit facilities are not provided. so one has to continue dealing with the regular non certified dogs so as to save up and acquire the pedigree puppy.


Also there is the issue of eliminating fraudsters. We as young dog breeders do intent to establish such a link in order to make it possible to differentiate honest and dishonest breeders. A high level of scrutiny has to be done as well as follow ups. Also after the dogs are sold to potential owners, they(the owners) have to be educated on how to maintain and are for the dogs. Many assume dogs are just for security thus they don't care how the dogs are looked after. Another reason for the linking with the breeders is to eliminate the issue of inbreeding which is very detrimental to the dog breeding profession(this also applies to other animals as well as human beings)

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