Friday, 20 April 2012

Nominations in the BAKE Blogger Awards 2012 in Agriculture

My blog together with 4 more in the Agriculture Category has been nominated in this years BAKE Blogger Awards.

BAKE(Bloggers Associaton of Bloggers) is a body that promotes content creation on the web in Kenya and represents a group of content creators who are of Kenyan origin, descent or are based in Kenya and want to: Syndicate their content, network among other fellow content creators as well as get legal and communal representation from the Bloggers Association of Kenya

Formed in the year 2011, the Association has upto 50 registered members so far drawing from various bloggers in Kenya. They have maintained their growth through constant online engagement with their members as well as through the Blogger Happy Hours held every end month.

The BAKE Awards Gala is set for May 5th.

Find the full list of nominees in the 14 Categories here.

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