Monday, 31 October 2011

The Future for me is Livestock production

My main objectives are to fully operate a sustainable farming venture. The major project is to have the livestock up and going. This is important since this department is not affected by the weather and market for the produce such that one can have a proper plan with.
Some of the Geese that I currently have

The cows and goats are for dairy production. Hopefully, if all goes as planned, in the next 2- years they should have multiplied and the milk production should not be less than 60 litres. If they happen to delivery young ones that re male, these are to be raised up to an age where they can be sold at a good value enough to acquire heifers and does(she goats)

In the geese section, the aim is to have twenty adult females. There are adequate to ensure that they lay ad hatch enough chicks unlike poultry Chicken) geese tend to stay long before laying and only lay 5-7 eggs before becoming broody. The good thing is that they do have a better market.

 As far as crop production is concerned, I don’t intend to expand. This area is good and high returns but the inputs required are expensive and the market is not stable. Also having the weather affect production really interrupts with work plan in most cases causing delays resulting to losses. But should the livestock production stabilize, maybe during that period in time, factors can be favourable and expanding the crop sector would prove viable.

As for the canines, I plan to use wait until the first set of puppies are ready for sale for me to post them up for sale on this blog as well as get in touch with interested parties via email or sms.

Some of the Sheep I herd

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